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Greg Stone- Dall Sheep

Greg has been hunting all over the world with us for over 2 decades. Like many over our customers, we have become great friends and enjoyed several days in the field together.

Hunt and Fish the World

We’ve been in the adventure travel business booking hunting and fishing trips around the world for over 30 years and have a combined experience of over 100 years in the outdoor industries. So what have we learned in all this time? To listen to your needs and requirements for your trip of a lifetime and rigorously vet out the the destinations we support and offer so we can tell you exactly what to expect before you make any commitment.

Have your eyes set on a Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep or Africa’s Big 5?

We can help.

Looking for a family fishing adventure near or far…maybe an affordable cow elk hunt with some buddies?

We know some spots.

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With so many agencies and potential destinations out there, the reality of making a truly informed decision when booking an adventure travel trip can be daunting. This is where we come in and assume the role of match maker. Our services do not add anything to your costs. We have contracts in place with the outfits we approve of. It is our goal to gain a complete, thorough understanding of your needs and expectations then align them with a location and outfitter or guide that will best serve you. We may not have the power to control the weather but we sure do have the responsibility to know the personalities, success rate, facilities, and little details of the people and places we stand with. Let us handle the due diligence end of things… you keep the rifle sighted in and fly line clean!