Southwest Montana Antelope Hunt

Hunt in southwestern Montana on private on beautiful private grounds for trophy Pronghorns. The “speed goat “ hunting on this ranch has been very limited and several B & C antelope have been taken over the last couple of years. Hunts are 3 days and are very affordable. Hunters do their own lodging and meals in Livingston which is only a short, 15 minute drive to your hunting area. Both archery and rifle hunts are available. This is an area of Montana that the severe winter of 2010/11 did not effect! These hunts book fast so if you’re looking for great “goat” hunting, you’ll want to jump on this one!

Saskatchewan Black Bear

Our Canadian black bear hunting is located in a remote area in north central Saskatchewan. The area is located within a three hour drive of the Saskatoon airport. Our outfitter has the “exclusive” rights to over 400,000 acres of lakes, creeks and rivers encompassed by a continuous thick forest comprised of spruce, pine and aspen trees. This region is well known for a large population of quality, mature (large), black and color phases bears.
Our Canadian outfitter offers a five day hunt including a choice of lodging at one of two modern accommodations near the hunt area. The hunt is operated from one main camp providing efficient access to our large outfitting area. Typically, in the early afternoon our professional guides drive the clients to the hunting area and then transport the client to the tree stand using an ATV. During a hunt several different stand locations are utilized. Major variables such as wind direction and bear activity are taken into consideration when choosing the daily location for the client’s hunt.
Due to long daylight hours (15hours of daylight) and late sunsets our clients typically hunt in the afternoon. Bear activity generally peaks approximately an hour prior to sunset although black bears are unpredictable and can be seen anytime during the day. If a client wishes to hunt in the morning Marshland guides will assist the client with their request.
During the hunt the client will encounter multiple bear sightings but finding the right bear for “you” can take patience. The normal bear measures 6 ½ foot square. Clients are encouraged to have patience and harvest mature boars which generally square well over 6 ½ foot square.

Western Montana Black Bear

This hunt takes place in the beautiful Cabinet mountains of western Montana. The outfitter has guided the area for 30 years and was born and raised there hunting his whole life. Spring bear are hunted in the lower elevations, in the green southern slopes (mid April to May). Fall bear hunts are in higher elevations off huckleberry patches with spectacular views. Both Spring and Fall bear have very high success rates. This is a great area to combine an elk, mule deer or whitetail with your black bear hunt. Hunters stay in comfortable cabins adjacent to a great lodge where they are fed all meals and can relax after a good day in the mountains.

Remote Saskatchewan Black Bears

Hunt for colored phase Black Bears in the northern most reaches of Saskatchewan , along the Manitoba border. This region holds some of the nicest colored bears in Canada and our outfitter has a very high success rate. Two large areas are hunted, both untouched by other hunters, mostly from tree stands with archery equipment or rifle. Hunters stay in secluded cabins and travel by ATV’s to and from stands.

Monterey Blacktail Deer

Hunt Columbia Blacktail deer on a beautiful 12,000 acre ranch near Monterey California – within 1 hour of San Jose airport. This ranch has been managed over the last 25 years to keep populations of both Blacktails and wild hogs at proper levels and is one of the best in central California. Accommodations are in a very nice old ranch home and food is top notch. Hunts are generally 3 days and a wild pig can be added to the hunt. Blacktail season starts with Archery in early July then rifle season from the first week of August through the third week of September. Pigs are all year. You’ll never forget good time you’ll have on this hunt!!

Oregon’s Douglas County Blacktail

Our Oregon outfitter’s properties encompass 6,400 acres in Douglas county. The game rich ranches boast excellent populations of Roosevelt elk, Columbia whitetail and blacktail deer and are located in the towns of Roseburg and Sutherlin. In practicing quality trophy game management, we limit our bookings and harvest to four Columbia whitetail bucks, eight blacktail bucks and one Roosevelt elk on our ranches annually. Columbia whitetail tags require a draw application and are guaranteed with our Land owner preference while blacktail deer and Roosevelt elk tags are a guaranteed over the counter draw.

Northwest Territories Barren Ground Caribou

Our outfitter in the N.W.T. hunts from a very exclusive, secluded camp 250 miles north on Yellowknife in an area that sees little to no pressure. You will base your hunt from a very comfortable cabin but you will also be moving to various spike camps to make sure you are in the Caribou “honey hole” as the migration dictates. This is also an area that you can take 2 Barren Ground Caribou if desired. Your hunt also includes a tag for a wolf, wolverine, small game and fishing. Our outfitter limits the camp to 8 to assure the ability to change locations easily and to give you the best opportunity possible. This is one of the most respected outfitters in Canada who has been hunting the area for many years and will provide you with a hunt of a lifetime

Southwestern Montana Elk

This ranch consists of 20,000 acres of the fastest paced archery elk hunting in Montana. There are lots of elk that are extremely active in the Rut. The Bull to Cow ratio is 1 to 4 and it is not uncommon to hear bulls from the Ranger while gathering your gear for the morning or evening hunt. All of our 2011 archery hunters enjoyed 100% shot opportunity on bulls every day they hunted. Bulls will range from 280 to 320 with a handful every year reaching the 340”+ mark. Rifle hunting is very limited on this ranch but the action is just as good as the archery hunting. Rifle hunters will enjoy multiple opportunities on bulls and will typically see hundreds of elk per day. Our 2011 Rifle Hunters were 100% successful on 6×6 and 7×7 bulls. (4) 1on1 5 Day Archery Elk Hunt(6) 1on1 5 Day Rifle Elk Hunt

Montana Elk Hunt

Three separate ranches make up the 15,000 acres of this private ranch hunt. This ranch is rugged and challenging but the elk are usually very plentiful with some great bulls to boast. It is not uncommon to see as many as 200 elk in one day. ATV’s are used to ride old logging roads in order to gain elevation as the elk move to and from bedding areas. Hunters have enjoyed an extremely high success rate since we have leased this property. Spot, stalk and still hunting is the preferred method for rifle hunting with calling and strategic setups being the most successful during archery season.(4) 1 on 1 Hunts Available – 6 Day Archery Elk Hunt(8) 2 on 1 Hunts Available – 5 Day Rifle Elk Hunt.

Cabinet Mountains Montana Elk

This hunt takes place in the beautiful and rugged Cabinet Mountains of western Montana. These elk are best hunted after the weather hits and once it does, the big bulls come out of the woodwork. The rifle season starts in late October and goes almost to the end of November. We recommend hunting sometime after the 1st week of November for a better chance of getting the snow which increases your odds tremendously. The better shape the hunter is in on this hunt , the better experience he will have. Hunters stay in comfortable cabins and are fed all meals in a very nice lodge. This is a very affordable hunt and can be made into a combo elk/deer hunt. A hunter can also shoot a bear at no extra charge if they run across one.

Cabinet Mountains Montana – Archery Elk

This archery elk hunt takes place with the same outfitter as our Cabinet rifle hunts. These archery elk hunts consist of six full days of hunting (September 7 to September 26) and give you an excellent opportunity to kill a trophy bull with your bow. The outfitter has been guiding the Cabinets for over 30 tears and was born and raised there. The guides are all very knowledgable and work very hard. Be ready for plenty of action on this one! We highly recommend buying a bear tag too. The past few years we have been seeing an incredible amount of bear during archery season.


Our outfitter in Hawaii has been operating since 1992 and specializes in top quality free range hunts for all 5 of Hawaii’s big game species and also a wide variety of exotic wild game birds along with some of the greatest spring Rio Grande wild turkey hunting on the planet!

The Hawaii hunting ranches encompass over 123,000 acres on the islands of Maui, Molokai, Laina and the big island of Hawaii. Excellent trophy Axis deer, Mouflon and Black Hawaiian sheep, Spanish and Hawaiian Ibex goats, Polynesian Boar and Vancouver Bulls abound in the exclusive hunting areas. This outfitter has maintained a 100% opportunity and a 97% success rate on his free range hunting in Hawaii!

Hunting in Hawaii is the perfect vacation as some of the prime hunting areas are only a short drive from 5 star hotels, beaches, dining and shopping. Family hunts are encouraged but your significant other won’t complain about basking in the sun while you’re on your hunt!

Northeast Montana Mule Deer

This Mule Deer hunt takes place in the north east corner of Montana around the Fort Peck / Missouri breaks country and has been a favorite outfitter of hunters for many years. The hunter can expect a great personable and knowledgeable guide, great lodging and meals along with game preparation. The best hunting will be during the rut in November with nice trophy 4X4 or 5X5 bucks being taken on a regular basis.
The size of these bucks increases greatly with a hunter’s walking and shooting ability though the outfitter can still put those going on their first Mule deer hunt or not in the best of shape on some nice deer. Everyone gets shooting on this hunt!

Nevada Mule Deer

Join us for an adventurous Nevada Mule Deer hunt. Our 4 or 5 day hunts, take place in Eastern and Northeastern Nevada. We hunt the sage and aspen valleys of the Independence range in Northeast Nevada and the Pinion covered Mountains in Eastern Nevada. We provide one guide for two hunters with one on one service available for an additional charge. Most of our bucks taken are in the 23-27” range with 28-32” bucks taken every year. Our clients will view anywhere from 30 to 100 bucks during the time of their hunt. We participate in the “Guides” Draw in early March, taking 50% deposits from Dec. 1 on. Your odds of drawing the coveted Mule Deer tag is about 50% in the “Guides” Draw versus a 5-8% chance in the “General” Draw. Food and lodging, which takes place in rustic cabins or motels, is included as is your transportation once in Nevada. So instead of driving through Nevada, Come and see what the mountains of Nevada have in store for you!

Canadian Dall Sheep

Our Canadian Dall Sheep outfitter is located in the heart of the Mackenzie Mountains, N.W.T. in 6000 square miles of magnificent, untouched wilderness. This area supports a large population of both Dall sheep and Mountain Caribou making this a great spot for a combo hunt. Hunter success has averaged 95% over the last 20 years and the Rams taken have averaged 10.5 years of age. A large number of record Mountain Caribou and 60” plus Moose have also been taken in recent years. Hunters destination point is Norman wells, N.W.T. and upon your arrival, you are flown by float plane to one of two base camps Both are equipped with modern cook houses, propane heated guest houses and hot showers. Both camps offer excellent fishing for Lake Trout and Grayling.

From the base camps, you will travel by horseback, river boat or helicopter to different ranges and drainages within the area. This enables hunters to access much of the hunting area and harvest the best animals available. It also enables our outfitter to accommodate hunters of mixed ages and physical abilities.

This is truly a WORLD CLASS HUNT and will fill your lifetime sheep hunting dreams !!

South Texas Whitetails

Our outfitter is located just outside of Laredo Texas on 15,000 acres that has been strictly managed for trophy whitetail bucks for over 30 years and is one of the oldest wildlife management programs in all of South Texas. The ranch offers hunts for upper quality management bucks as well as a few excellent trophy bucks to outside guests every year. Not only will you be able to contract a GUARANTEED HUNT for a heavy horned mature buck up to 170 inches B&C , you will also get to experience the type of hunting that the large ranch owners of South Texas reserve only for themselves. In addition, you can add a trophy wild turkey hunt to your deer hunt!

The ranch welcomes young hunters and wives at this location that gives you the convenience of staying in the unique city of Laredo, yet only being a few minutes to your hunting blind. You can stay in Laredo’s finest hotels and eat at great restaurants and remember your hunt is GUARANTEED!!

Southwest Montana Whitetails

This Whitetail deer hunt takes place on a beautiful ranch in southwestern Montana near the Crazy mountains. Whitetail hunting on the ranch is limited to only 5 or 6 hunts during the peak of the rut making this a great hunt for a trophy Montana buck. Archery and rifle hunts are both offered and both are very successful. The archery rut hunt is pretty amazing as is the rifle hunting from tree stands and ground blinds. Hunts are 4 days and include guiding, lodging and all meals. This outfitter is top notch and will make this a very enjoyable experience!

Western Montana Whitetails

Our western Montana outfitter has some amazing whitetail deer hunting opportunities for those who are looking for trophy class animals. With low hunting pressure and great genetics we have taken several record book animals in recent years. Hunts are conducted on both National Forest and private ground during the peak of the rut utilizing tree stands, calling, rattling, and spot and stalk. Hunt are 6 days and include lodging, guide and meals. This hunt can also be in combination with an elk.

California Wild Boar

Hunt wild pigs on a choice of thousands of acres of premium private ranches from Carmel Valley, King City in Central California to Redding in the North. Because of the tremendous population of wild hogs on these ranches, hunter success is nearly 100%. All you have to do is shoot straight!! Both rifle and archery hunts available. Hunts start at $575 per hunter and additional hogs can be taken. Most hunts are 1 to 2 days and some include lodging and meals. Also, trophy boar hunts available for those wishing for a “BIG TUSKER” ! Come and enjoy the beautiful country and this great resource California has to offer!!