Bolivia Doves and Pigeon

Bolivia is the world’s new Mecca for high volume dove and pigeon hunting!

Twenty million Eared doves and millions of Picazuro pigeons migrate from Argentina and Brazil each April to feed on vast fields of Sorghum, Sunflowers and Soybeans. They stay through November, offering bird hunting that is impossible to beat in any other country. At noon, hunters can opt for a great field Churrasco barbecue of fine meats doves, green garden salads and fresh breads —- then rest in a hammock under a shade tree before returning to the dove field. Absolutely beautiful lodging and gourmets meals along with massage room, pool, satellite TV, Internet and all amenities make for a wonderful stay and the best shooting of your life!

Argentina Bird Hunts

Undoubtedly, our outfitter in Argentina is the best this beautiful country has to offer! Enjoy the most remarkable shooting in the world for Doves, Perdize and Ducks/Geese while lodging and dining at a lodge that is second to none! Choose from straight dove hunts or try a combo for doves and Waterfowl. You will be treated like royalty by our hosts at a surprisingly good deal! Hunts starting at $2995 are hard to beat! Once you have experienced this hunt, you will surely be back!