Black Bear

Saskatchewan Black Bear

Saskatchewan Black BearOur Canadian black bear hunting is located in a remote area in north central Saskatchewan. The area is located within a three hour drive of the Saskatoon airport. Our outfitter has the “exclusive” rights to over 400,000 acres of lakes, creeks and rivers encompassed by a continuous thick forest comprised of spruce, pine and aspen trees. This region is well known for a large population of quality, mature (large), black and color phases bears.
Our Canadian outfitter offers a five day hunt including a choice of lodging at one of two modern accommodations near the hunt area. The hunt is operated from one main camp providing efficient access to our large outfitting area. Typically, in the early afternoon our professional guides drive the clients to the hunting area and then transport the client to the tree stand using an ATV. During a hunt several different stand locations are utilized. Major variables such as wind direction and bear activity are taken into consideration when choosing the daily location for the client’s hunt.
Due to long daylight hours (15hours of daylight) and late sunsets our clients typically hunt in the afternoon. Bear activity generally peaks approximately an hour prior to sunset although black bears are unpredictable and can be seen anytime during the day. If a client wishes to hunt in the morning Marshland guides will assist the client with their request.
During the hunt the client will encounter multiple bear sightings but finding the right bear for “you” can take patience. The normal bear measures 6 ½ foot square. Clients are encouraged to have patience and harvest mature boars which generally square well over 6 ½ foot square.

Western Montana Black Bear

Western Montana Black BearThis hunt takes place in the beautiful Cabinet mountains of western Montana. The outfitter has guided the area for 30 years and was born and raised there hunting his whole life. Spring bear are hunted in the lower elevations, in the green southern slopes (mid April to May). Fall bear hunts are in higher elevations off huckleberry patches with spectacular views. Both Spring and Fall bear have very high success rates. This is a great area to combine an elk, mule deer or whitetail with your black bear hunt. Hunters stay in comfortable cabins adjacent to a great lodge where they are fed all meals and can relax after a good day in the mountains.

Remote Saskatchewan Black Bears

Remote Saskatchewan Black BearsHunt for colored phase Black Bears in the northern most reaches of Saskatchewan , along the Manitoba border. This region holds some of the nicest colored bears in Canada and our outfitter has a very high success rate. Two large areas are hunted, both untouched by other hunters, mostly from tree stands with archery equipment or rifle. Hunters stay in secluded cabins and travel by ATV’s to and from stands.