Northwest Territories Barren Ground Caribou

Northwest Territories Barron Ground CaribouOur outfitter in the N.W.T. hunts from a very exclusive, secluded camp 250 miles north on Yellowknife in an area that sees little to no pressure. You will base your hunt from a very comfortable cabin but you will also be moving to various spike camps to make sure you are in the Caribou “honey hole” as the migration dictates. This is also an area that you can take 2 Barren Ground Caribou if desired. Your hunt also includes a tag for a wolf, wolverine, small game and fishing. Our outfitter limits the camp to 8 to assure the ability to change locations easily and to give you the best opportunity possible. This is one of the most respected outfitters in Canada who has been hunting the area for many years and will provide you with a hunt of a lifetime!