Southwestern Montana

Elk - Southwestern MontanaThis ranch consists of 20,000 acres of the fastest paced archery elk hunting in Montana. There are lots of elk that are extremely active in the Rut. The Bull to Cow ratio is 1 to 4 and it is not uncommon to hear bulls from the Ranger while gathering your gear for the morning or evening hunt. All of our 2011 archery hunters enjoyed 100% shot opportunity on bulls every day they hunted. Bulls will range from 280 to 320 with a handful every year reaching the 340”+ mark. Rifle hunting is very limited on this ranch but the action is just as good as the archery hunting. Rifle hunters will enjoy multiple opportunities on bulls and will typically see hundreds of elk per day. Our 2011 Rifle Hunters were 100% successful on 6×6 and 7×7 bulls. (4) 1on1 5 Day Archery Elk Hunt
(6) 1on1 5 Day Rifle Elk Hunt

Montana Hunt

Elk - MontanaThree separate ranches make up the 15,000 acres of this private ranch hunt. This ranch is rugged and challenging but the elk are usually very plentiful with some great bulls to boast. It is not uncommon to see as many as 200 elk in one day. ATV’s are used to ride old logging roads in order to gain elevation as the elk move to and from bedding areas. Hunters have enjoyed an extremely high success rate since we have leased this property. Spot, stalk and still hunting is the preferred method for rifle hunting with calling and strategic setups being the most successful during archery season.

(4) 1 on 1 Hunts Available – 6 Day Archery Elk Hunt
(8) 2 on 1 Hunts Available – 5 Day Rifle Elk Hunt

Cabinet Mountains Montana

Elk - Cabinet Mountains MontanaThis hunt takes place in the beautiful and rugged Cabinet Mountains of western Montana. These elk are best hunted after the weather hits and once it does, the big bulls come out of the woodwork. The rifle season starts in late October and goes almost to the end of November. We recommend hunting sometime after the 1st week of November for a better chance of getting the snow which increases your odds tremendously. The better shape the hunter is in on this hunt , the better experience he will have. Hunters stay in comfortable cabins and are fed all meals in a very nice lodge. This is a very affordable hunt and can be made into a combo elk/deer hunt. A hunter can also shoot a bear at no extra charge if they run across one.

Cabinet Mountains Montana – Archery

Elk - Cabinet Mountains Montana Archery HuntThis archery elk hunt takes place with the same outfitter as our Cabinet rifle hunts. These archery elk hunts consist of six full days of hunting (September 7 to September 26) and give you an excellent opportunity to kill a trophy bull with your bow. The outfitter has been guiding the Cabinets for over 30 tears and was born and raised there. The guides are all very knowledgable and work very hard. Be ready for plenty of action on this one! We highly recommend buying a bear tag too. The past few years we have been seeing an incredible amount of bear during archery season.