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  • Heath Buoy with a dandy Pacific fork he killed with his bow on a guided hunt

  • North Dakota Paddlefish !!

  • California Boar

    California Boar

    Mike Kerley with a great big boar out of California. He took this hog on his beautiful ranch !! Good job Mike !! Let us know if your interested in a pig hunt. Hunts are always available and the hogs are plentiful !!

  • South Dakota Snow Goose hunt spring 2015 !!

  • Montana Tom !!

  • Argentina ducks

    Argentina ducks

  • Alberta Greenheads


  • heavy horned muley

    heavy horned muley


  • Chris and Sam last day of the year !! January 2015


  • Sharpies! on the Plains of Montana

    Sharpies! on the Plains of Montana

  • Mountain Lion!

  • chris antelope 2014

    chris antelope 2014

  • Minnesota muskie !

Tis the Season!!

Tis the Season!!

Larry and his buddies have been pounding away on the Chinooks near the Oregon coast. He keeps tormenting me with a new tex every day with pics of more of these beauties! Not fair!

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Oregon Bound!!

Oregon Bound!!

Nick is probably busting at the seams to get back to Oregon in a couple of weeks. A sample trail cam picture from Gordon, our Oregon outfitter. I’d take this one Nick!!!

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Long Range Speed Goat!!

Long Range Speed Goat!!

Tim from Florence Montana with his opening day , archery “Speed Goat“. Being the calm and collective guy that he is, he made smooth 68-yard shot with his new PSE bow. Nice shot!!

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