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  • Heath Buoy with a dandy Pacific fork he killed with his bow on a guided hunt

  • North Dakota Paddlefish !!

  • California Boar

    California Boar

    Mike Kerley with a great big boar out of California. He took this hog on his beautiful ranch !! Good job Mike !! Let us know if your interested in a pig hunt. Hunts are always available and the hogs are plentiful !!

  • South Dakota Snow Goose hunt spring 2015 !!

  • Montana Tom !!

  • Argentina ducks

    Argentina ducks

  • Alberta Greenheads


  • heavy horned muley

    heavy horned muley


  • Chris and Sam last day of the year !! January 2015


  • Sharpies! on the Plains of Montana

    Sharpies! on the Plains of Montana

  • Mountain Lion!

  • chris antelope 2014

    chris antelope 2014

  • Minnesota muskie !

Last Morning Magic !!

Last Morning Magic !!

The last morning in Nebraska, Boone pulled one out of the hat and shot this dandy 5×4 with the extra “can opener” at the base! The shot looked perfect but the buck gave the boys a long afternoon of searching. When everyone was ready to give it up, Boone took one last hail mary and […]

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Waiting for Mr. Right!!

Steve and Chris Auch, passed on some good bucks in Nebraska hoping for one of these giants that Prairie King Ranch has running around it’s beautiful creek bottoms. Muzzleloader season is coming soon???!!!!

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